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Planning a team activity or have a big family you need a Vancouver van rental to get around? Have your vacation, businesses trip and team activity start with a great passenger van rental! Easy handling and spacious, passenger vans are comfortable enough even for long trips as well as for simply shuttling passengers between destinations in the city. Make sure you have the seats and luggage space you need when planning your vacation or trip. When choosing a Vancouver van rental shop, remember that Pacific Car Rentals has the best customer service and vehicle selection in town.

It is always more fun when you can keep the whole group together when travelling, even if its only for short trips from A to B within town. Beyond that, why take on the expense of renting more vehicles than you really need when you can just get one that will comfortably accommodate everyone on your trip? If its more of a family van that seats 8 or passenger van that can seat up to 15, it is important to keep the group together as the half the fun of any journey is just getting there. In any case our selection of rental vans will provide you the choice you will need to make the right decision for your family, team or group.

Getting a Vancouver van rental for those long haul trips for larger groups is essential. Everyone needs to be comfortable during the drive so that it is an enjoyable experience and everyone has the energy they need when they arrive. The rental vans all have the power and comfort to get your group where you need to be, when you need to be there, with plenty of elbow room to spare No need to worry about falling behind schedule or being passed by semi-trailers as your traverse some of the mountainous terrain of British Columbia. These vans all have the necessary power to get you and your passengers where you have to be, comfortably and on time.

If you just need to get your large group around the city shuttling here and there on relatively short trips, comfort remains key as well as accessibility. After a long day of activity everyone will want their space when piling back into the vehicle and a van rental ensures that that will be the case. In those quick pickup or drop off situations when you need to get everyone in or out in a flash, these vans provide easy access through their large side entry doors where everyone can move through unobstructed.

For large family groups, a family mini van rental will give you all the comfort and conveniences you will need for your trip no matter how long or short the hauls may be. These vans are loaded with modern conveniences and will get you and your group where you need comfortably and safely.

At Pacific Car Rentals we want you to get the right vehicle suited for your group. If you are transporting many people in large groups then we have what you need from our selection of van rentals. We hope that you all your passengers thoroughly enjoy their trip and experience with us.