The Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain Resort and Village is located only a couple hours drive from the main city center of Vancouver. It is a world-class family vacation destination year round but especially in the winter season as the snow falls on the slopes.

There is nothing quite like the experience of sitting a top the mountain peak overlooking the beautiful Coastal Mountains of British Columbia right before you fly down the mountain side with your skis or board on a blanket of fresh snow. After a day on the slopes you can relax in one of the many cozy stops in the village or head back to your mountain accommodations for a soothing hot tub. If you are not too much interested in the adventures to be had on the mountains you will find plenty of things to do in and around the modern scenic village.

Getting to Whistler and around the village in the winter season can prove challenging as snow on the mountain often means snow leading all the way up to it. The famous Sea to Sky highway was recently rebuilt for the 2010 Olympic Games so many of the previously dangerous curves have been ironed out; however, the winter season does create challenges for any roadway no matter how well built or maintained. To ensure you and your family arrive safely, you should consider renting an SUV vehicle, van or car that is properly equipped for the harsh conditions. Also, when you are up in the village it is nice to visit some of the outlying areas for sight seeing or to take up some of the other activities this outdoor Mecca provides. Knowing that you can get to where you want to be without worrying about the weather conditions that may blow in during your stay makes for a much more stress-free and fun filled experience.

If you are a local Vancouverite and want to get out of the city for a weekend on the slopes you too should consider renting a vehicle that is properly equipped to handle the roads up to and around the Whistler Village. Think of all the hassles that you avoid when you leave your city car at home and simple hop in an SUV with plenty of luggage space for all your mountain equipment and bags. You don’t have to worry about getting proper snow tires, having enough space for a comfortable ride or any lasting damaging effects caused by the salt from the roads or damp ski equipment. Most importantly, you can be confident that you will arrive safely with no troubles in a vehicle that is designed for those tough conditions. Getting around the area while you are up there and getting back home will never be an issue even as the ever changing winter conditions often bring on unforeseen hazards and challenges.

Whistler is a wonderful vacation any time of year but especially during the winter season when it truly is a winter wonderland. Be sure that when you travel to Whistler you do so responsibly and comfortably in the properly equipped vehicle. If you do not have access to a suitable vehicle you should rent one from one of the many vehicle rental businesses in Vancouver like Pacific Car Rentals. For all the stress you save and the peace of mind getting up, around and back from Whistler in the winter, you’ll be thankful you did!