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Frequently Asked Questions

When you make a booking online your pick up & return time must be entered during our business hours. You can still use the after hour key drop, you just need to put the return time would be the following morning opening business hours. As your rental ends once a staff member has checked in the vehicle during operating hours.

The rental rate does not include the fuel.  The customer is responsible for returning the vehicle with the same amount of fuel, or they will charged service rate which is stated on the rental contract (this is a higher rate than at the pump).

If you want to extend your rental you have to call our office and inquire if the vehicle is available.  Every rental contract has an additional day rate which will be charged past the original return date on the rental contract.

There is a option to park the vehicle and drop off the keys outside of our office hours. Dropping off the vehicle outside of our office hours does not end the rental contract, the renter is still responsible for the vehicle until our staff has checked it in during our opening business hours.

Yes you can travel outside of BC with the rental vehicle to permitted areas only. You need to get authorization from Pacific Car Rentals prior to your travel. An additional cost may apply to your rental contract when traveling into the US. Please contact us for more information on fees and permitted areas.

Customers are responsible for any violations they receive during their rental period. If customers do not pay the violations themselves. If we receive the notice of the ticket, the violation amount along with a processing fee is processed on the credit card provided at the time of rental.

The rental agreement is for a specific period as requested in your reservation. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle on or before the return time in the rental agreement. However, we realize that unforeseen events can affect your plans. If it is necessary to return a vehicle late, please contact the rental location using the phone number printed on your rental agreement so that we can accommodate your change in plans.

Third party is permitted as long as the cardholder is present at the time of pick up with valid photo ID and credit card.

We require a copy of any additional drivers licenses at the time of rental(Renters can bring it in if driver is not able to come in at the pick up time). An additional driver surcharge may apply.

LDW is a damage waiver that reduces your financial responsibility for damages caused to the rental vehicle during your rental period. There is a responsibility(excess) which the renter would be responsible to pay if they caused new damage to the rental vehicle. And the remaining cost as per the terms and conditions would be waived.

TPL is liabilty coverage that protection the renter against claims made by another party (a third party).  In the case you are the cause of an accident, the other party can seek damages from you and the third-party liability insurance will pay for those losses to certain limit.


Please contact our office or see our rental policies on the reservation page for more details.

As this policy varies during our busy seasons/  each vehicle type

We require the renter to be at least 19 years of age, there are more restrictions for drivers ages 19-21 . Drivers under the age of 25 are considered to be underage age and a fee applies, depending on the vehicle class and rental length. Contact us for details.

All drivers must possess a valid drivers license, and a major credit card (with available funds of min $300 prior to rental, rates may vary depending on rental vehicle). Credit card holder needs to be present at time of rental even if they do not intend to be authorized driver. Contact us regarding more information.

Like all major car rental companies, Pacific rates are subject to change at any time.  Pacific attempts to provide you the best value every day. Once you confirm your reservation, your rate will not change.