Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Terms & Conditions page for information about our Rental requirements, Underage policy, Loss damage waiver, and Cancellation policy.

We require every renter to be in the office at the time of rental with a valid drivers licence and credit card in their name. We require a  minimum $500 of available funds on the credit-card (more info under acceptable credit-cards)

If the cardholder does not hold a drivers license a valid government photo ID is required at the time of rental. ( more info under driver is not the cardholder)

If the cardholder does not have a license but does have government photo ID to present at the time of rental this is acceptable.  Both the cardholder and driver have to come in the office at the time of pick with their documents.

When booking online you are required to select both pick up and return times within business hours .   By selecting the next day opening hour you can complete the online booking and the after-hour key drop is still available for you to use. Every rental contract ends only after our staff have visually inspected the vehicle.

We do not charge your credit card when you book online. The required credit-card is to confirm the reservation as each reservation has a cancellation policy. The cardholder will have to present their credit card at the time of rental at our location, we do accept phone payments or credit-cards without the cardholder being present in our office.

Policies double during holidays, long weekends, special requested vehicle bookings, or reservations over 14 days

48hr Notice: Cancellations require an email sent to Pacific Car Rentals to avoid the cancellation fee of 100% of the rental rate.

No Shows: Customers that fail to show up will automatically be charged in full. Vehicles will be held only 1 hour past the reservation time. Customers that do not contact our office to update the pickup time go into no-show status and vehicle will no longer be held for you, Full charges will apply.

The rental rates do not include the cost of fuel. The tank is full at the time of rental and we ask it to be returned full. If the vehicle is given with less than a full tank, the level will be marked down on the inspection and the tank is to be returned the same level. Upon return, any missing fuel will be charged at a higher per litre rate which includes a service fee. This rate will be displayed on the rental contract.

Acceptable cards for deposit: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. Debit/credit-cards issued outside of Canada only.

We will not accept the following cards for deposits but can be used to pay at the end of the rental: Pre-paid, Cash cards, charge cards or Canadian debit/credit-cards.

To rent a vehicle we require an valid drivers license. If the license does not have a photo we will ask for a secondary photo ID (passport, ID card).

Novice licenses are acceptable. Learners licenses can only be used a rental to take a road test. It is required that you follow restrictions on your license to qualify for renting.

Renter’s are required to verify the license they hold is valid for the type of vehicle they are renting and for the purpose they are renting the vehicle for.

This can be done by contacting ICBC directly.

We accept foreign drivers licenses however we may request a translation or international permit if the license is not in English.

You are required to have the physical license with you at the time of rental.

LDW is a damage waiver that reduces your financial responsibility for damages caused to the rental vehicle during your rental period. There is a responsibility(excess) which the renter would be responsible to pay if they caused new damage to the rental vehicle. And the remaining cost as per the terms and conditions would be waived.

TPL is liability coverage that protects the renter against claims made by another party (a third party).  In the case you are the cause of an accident, the other party can seek damages from you and the third-party liability insurance will pay for those losses to a certain limit.

We require the renter to be at least 19 years of age, there are more restrictions for drivers ages 19-21 . Drivers under the age of 25 are considered to be underage age and a fee applies, depending on the vehicle class and rental length. Contact us for details.

All drivers must provide their license prior to being authorized to drive the rental vehicle. If they are not able to be present at the time rental the renter can bring in the license. Each additional driver (over the age of 25) is a $10 per day fee, with the exception of a spouse or partner. Surcharges for under the age of 25 drivers may apply in addition to $10 fee. Contact our office for more information

Like all major car rental companies, Pacific rates are subject to change at any time.  Pacific attempts to provide you the best value every day. Once you confirm your reservation, your rate will not change.

At the time of pick up the credit card (more info under credit card accepted) is required to have rental charge plus a minimum of $500 available funds. This Deposit will NOT be available until the vehicle is returned.  Amount may vary depending on vehicle class and renters credentials, contact us for more information.

If you would like to keep the vehicle past the date on the rental contract you are required to first call our office to inquire if the vehicle is available. If you do not contact our office to extend, the remaining days until the vehicle is returned will charge at the extra day rate displayed on the rental contract.

There is a option to park the vehicle and drop off the keys outside of our office hours. Dropping off the vehicle outside of our office hours does not end the rental contract, the renter is still responsible for the vehicle until our staff has checked it in during our opening business hours.

Yes you can travel outside of BC with the rental vehicle to permitted areas only. You need to get authorization from Pacific Car Rentals prior to your travel. An additional one time fee of $15 will apply to your rental contract when traveling into the US. Please contact us for more information on fees and permitted areas.

Customers are responsible for any violations they receive during their rental period. If customers do not pay the violations themselves. If we receive the notice of the ticket, the violation amount along with a processing fee is processed on the credit card provided at the time of rental.

The rental agreement is for a specific period as requested in your reservation. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle on or before the return time in the rental agreement. However, we realize that unforeseen events can affect your plans. If it is necessary to return a vehicle late, please contact the rental location using the phone number printed on your rental agreement so that we can accommodate your change in plans.

Once the vehicle is returned the payment will be processed from that deposit, unless paid in advance. We will submit a reversal of the funds to be refunded back to your account.  The time is takes to be posted back into the account varies and are set by the issuing bank. This information is not provided to us, the renter would have to contact your bank directly to get more details. Typically the funds are posted back in the account within 1-5 business days and the maximum of 30 days.

We try to make sure you get the vehicle class you reserve. In the unlikely event the vehicle class you reserve is not available for your reservation date we will give you a choice of a similar vehicle class or upgrade for the original reservation price.

For classes which states ” With Snow-tires” we will make sure your vehicle has snow tires.

We will try out best to accommodate vehicle model requests but can not guarantee unless that class only has 1 model listed in its class.

Contact us directly for more information.

Yes we offer snow chains to add to your rental for an additional daily fee.  For pricing and availability please contact our office.

Yes we have a guaranteed selection of vehicles with the 3 peak mountain symbol.  Select a vehicle which states “W/Snow-tires” when reserving online.